I am from America and drugs to treat MS range anywhere from 60,000 dollars to over 100k per year for Ocrevus. What is the situation in the UK? Thanks

Similar sort of prices if going privately and available to anyone who can pay. However, our glorious NHS does fund Ocrevus courses for people who meet the qualifying criteria.

The costs are normally met by our National Health Service paid for out of our various taxes in particular an employment tax known as National Insurance though this is not tightly linked.

The actual costs are confidential and are subject to negotiations with a body known as NICE that looks at the effectiveness of the drug for the sub type of MS. If the drug is found to be ineffective it will not be approved. If the requested price is not considered value for money there will be negotiations on the price.

Over here, the National Health Service generally covers the costs of licensed DMDs, when the patient meets the qualifying criteria. A fair number of people in the UK have private health cover as well, either paid for individually or as an employee benefit, but it tends to be limited in scope, and most people still rely on the NHS for the really expensive/urgent things.