Finally ive plucked up the courage to post

my name is Stef, i have RRMS. I was diagnosed back in 2007. For the past 2-3 years, my MS has got the upper hand. Before then i worked alongside my MS, now its leading the way.
I am using a walking stick or crutches when walking in public (not needed at home, just walk into things lol). I want to keep pushing myself to what i use to be able to do, but my MS is saying ‘Ermmmmmmm nah’ lol (my MS has a personality, im sane, honest lol).
Back to myself and MS, it’s now starting to in a way controlling me, not that ‘work alongside’ as before. It is difficult for me, wife and kids. It’s affecting my emotions, how i deal with feelings and closing doors to my wife and kids. Alot has been happening or past couple of years.
I don’t know if anyone has experienced or is experiencing emotion issues. Mainly for myself is closing up and when we’re talking about an emotional subject i get ‘giggly’ or i start to smirk. Its involantary, i try to stop but the closest i get to stopping that ‘giggle’ is by squeezing my back leg or bite my inside cheek.
This is creating alot of strain on our marriage.

Any advice?

Like the title says ‘Finally ive plucked up the courage to post’, ive always ‘plodded’ through things but there is so much ‘plodding’ you can do before it builds up.

Thanks for taking the time to read or comment on my first post.


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Hi Stef,

what an honest & heartfelt post. In my experience there are no cast iron right or wrong ways to deal with stuff, we each have to find our way. In my opinion it is important to speak honestly with your family, you wont do anyone any favours by internalising stuff. When I struggled to explain stuff or open a proper conversation with family I showed them some of the videos on the site: This promoted discussion for us, so might be worth a go. The other thing that might be worth a go is to write stuff down as if you are speaking with a close friend.
I wish you all the best


Hi hun, emotions are totally normal in MS. I find myself crying over the silliest of things. Before my husband died i would shout at him in rage no idea where it came from, but i sat him down and i explained it was the pain of my MS, grief, AND frustration to all the changes in my life and nothing was personal.

Now i can feel down and emotional over all sorts of things. Its totally normally.

one time i recommend GOOGLE. google MS and mood swings there is a lot of stuff out there hun, your not on your own ok.

but tell your family how you feel and what is happening. You told us now tell them ok.

I agree with Mogace too show them videos help them to understand too ok.

Oh and stop being so hard on yourself. You have MS you will have good days and really bad days, and middle days. Just tell the family when your having a bad emotional cognitive day ok. xxx


Just to add to what the others have said - inappropriate emotions can be part of MS, if that particular part of the brain has been affected.