So, managed to chase the neuro department and my neurologist phoned back to confirm results before my hols, that the MRI of head and neck are clear and as expected. Woohoo

Okay, so I know we can be diagnosed with Fibro before getting far enough to get MS diagnosis, but for now I’m hanging on to that Fibro, starting on the duloxetine to see if that kicks some chemicals back to normality for 3-6 months, adjusting my diet to exclude a lot of unwanted rubbish, and moving forward.

question now is: do I go back to my GP to get rheumatologist referral to confirm Fibro and ensure all blood works have been completed first (just to rule out all other possibilities) as that diagnosis was by the neuro on first visit subject to clear MRI, or just go with it now and relax?

Also it was a bit of a scare and horrible waiting to be told the results, but realised we don’t have critical illness cover. Will it be okay to get it now and would I be covered down the line IF it turned out to be MS?

Thanks all for the support to date, it’s hell without people to talk to :slight_smile:


Oh. Hun, I hope you’re alright. I’m not sure what to do in that sense. Hopefully someone more informed than me will reply soon. Meanwhile, this will bump you up the