FES for sale


I have an FES for sale. I have upgraded to the walkaide and so have no use.

You will need to geta physio to rest for your walk pattern.

It cost me £600 so selling for £300.


Hi, I hope you are not dismayed by my reply but is this n FES from Salisbury? If it is I am surprised that you can sell it. I have an FES from Salisbury and it clearly states that the FES remains the property of the nhs. Btw I had to get mine privately so I paid myself and I still do not own it! I’m also not sure that they will just reset a machine fo someone, for a start you need a referral from your doctor for FES. They also see you for review appointments. As to the cost, someone wanting one of these may be able to get one free of charge on the nhs. Another thing, Salisbury provide spares for the machine (electrodes etc) and I’m no sure they will do this to someone “not on their books”. As to selling for £300, I just had a review appointment a month or two ago and I discussed at length with the doctor, the new walk aide and the cost of the FES. He said they charge £300 per appointment fo the FES, at the first appointment you get the FES for £300 and then it is £300 for every review appointment so I think someone could get a new one for £300. I’m sorry my reply sounds harsh but I don’t want someone to pay money for something they can’t use or could buy and be able to use for the same amount of money! Cheryl:-)

My fes was supplied free of charge by the nhs at my local ms centre and am reminded of the cost at each visit, probably because I only use it about once a week for walks over 200m.

I tend not to walk far because of fatigue and the fes appears to work less after about 200m.


Cheryl is right. An FES on the NHS is on loan and should be returned to them (or to Odstock) if no longer needed. Consumables for NHS are “Free Issue” - and you just have to phone them (or the agent clinic).

Setting one up is complex - the electrode placement, the polarity, the strength of the current delivered, the slope of the up and down ramps (determining the rate of current build-up) and length of sustainment, are all the things that get sorted out at their clinics.

Personally, mine is handled by Odstock, and i am happy that way.