FES device

Hello. I’d be interested to compare notes with anyone else who uses an FES device. I’ve got PPMS and find it does make walking possible but don’t know anyone else who uses one and sometimes feel I could do better.

I use one - sometimes! I haven’t been convinced for a couple of years that it makes a real difference but that could be because my physio has worked so hard with me that I’m now walking better on my own. Specialist walking poles (Pacer Poles) are my go to support that make a HUGE (if pricey) difference.

Thank you- always useful to get different perspectives!

I have been using FES for twenty years and would not be walking today without it. Best idea is to do physio exercises as well, so you benefit from both.

I wish that I could get treatment on a device. I’ve asked and asked.
My Neuro Physio has not responded and it is easier getting an audience with the Pope that it is connecting with her.
Why am I surprised? Us MSers are always made to fight hard to get anything particularly those with PPMS who have next to nothing to treat them

Well it does help a bit so is worth fighting for but does need a lot of adjusting etc to work best.

Your GP can refer you for assessment, if that helps.
How do I receive treatment? | Odstock Medical Ltd (OML)

A few hours ago I was phoned by my local hospital to come in for an FES assessment so I will be able to tell you more if and when I am offered it.
It has taken a lot of unnecessary effort just to get this far