Feeling so low

Hi Everyone,

Firstly I need to apologise for what I write below as it does sound selfish but I needed to get this all off my chest and hope this is a ok place to do it?

The last few months have been all ups and downs and I’m sure many of us are in the same situation it is so hard to just keep waiting.

This all started when I was tired and I lost the vision in my left eye … Again so this time I called the doctors after 48hrs they said take paracetamol it should be fine 2days later my vision was still not back so I went back to the GP and all this fun began he read my old notes and said that with all the complaints over the years and my eye (which he guessed ON) he believes MS So I waited for the Neuro appointment all the while deteoraiting she suspecting demyelination so has sent me for a scan (have to wait for that yet) since my initial appointment I have gie 40% of my eyesight back but have lost the while sensation on my left side it is completely numb as well as collapsing twice and a while host of other bits going wrong.

I called the GP whi said you just have to wait, take paracetamol and get on with it im sure it’s a headache. This was over the phone I have 2 young children 2 jobs and a husband who says it’s all in my head

I really feel alone like I have no back up and although it has not bothered me before today I feel like it has all got in top of me my eye hurts, my left side is numb and sore my head wants to explode and I’m shattered. I’m so sorry for the winge but feel better already for getting it off my chest

Thank you everyone and I’m am sorry for the long depressing post

Get it off your chest and don’t apologise - there’s no need. The great thing about this place is that there is so much that a person doesn’t even need to explain. We have all been close enough to the things you are feeling to get the gist. Everyone’s story is different, but we have so much shared emotional experience too. I am really sorry that things are so tough for you.



Thank you everyone. I don’t have a MS nurse in just in limbo my GP has now decided that I have migraines but can a migraine be constant although different every day for month and months on end? I guess it will be easier when I am diagnosed but I am guessing from reading other posts this may take a long time.

On a good note I’m much happier and back to normal today so the next 2weeks hopefully so go quickly!

Thank you again x