Feeling like a broken record...

Firstly, allow me to apologise for being somewhat hypocritical. I have some useful mental, emotional and energetic ‘tools’ for dealing with things and I gladly share them with others. Having said that, some days it’s as if I’ve lost my metaphorical toolbox and however much I try to help myself, I have this one thought running around my head. I know there is something physically wrong in my body. Why haven’t they found it yet? I’ve only had one neuro appointment and one MRI so far. I know that MS can be hard to find proof of sometimes. I remain convinced that this is my problem. I’ve looked at it logically and intuitively and always reach the same conclusion. I feel like a broken record, continually asking myself ‘Have I got MS?’. It has been established that my nervous system isn’t working as it should (hence the FND current diagnosis) and that my exhaustion is indeed Chronic Fatigue. I’m still waiting for treatment. Physio appointment tomorrow, thank goodness and a second neuro appointment has been requested by my GP. Some days are hard. I feel like I cannot grieve properly for the old me that I’ve lost and cannot move forward as this question is reining me back. Might need some hugs today. I’m going slightly bonkers here…

Oh dear … I know exactly how your feeling

Wish I could offer some good advice which would make a difference but as I’m in the same boat I can’t

so instead sending u a big hug

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Big hug from me too. Must be hard to feel so much in limbo and not able to move forward - a bit likje trying to grapple fog. Everything crossed for you that the next MRI and Neuro visit will make things clearer for you, whatever the verdict.

Big hug from me too ((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))) I’m in the same boat!! xxxxxxx No answers, no advice, but love and thoughts are with you.xxxxxx

Thanks for the hugs, folks, much appreciated. As for being in the same boat…this vessel needs a name. I’m calling it ‘The Uncertainty’. It’s unsinkable but has an unpredictable route! At least my sense of humour is working normally. My brother keeps threatening to make me a fake tumbleweed. I’m going to try and have an easy day today. Minimal housework, play Lego with my daughter and relax as much as I can.

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Big hugs from me hunni. I know that feeling and it’s a rotter. You are doing all you can Hun. You’re sorting out your mobility, the physio will also help with that( do the exercises when you can, they got me walking again), resting when you need to, seeing the dr etc…you can’t do any more than what you’ve already done Hun x you will get to the bottom of this. It’s the most frustrating feeling I know but be kind to yourself and take it easy xx

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Thanks for reminding me that I’m doing all I can, Beverly. You’re absolutely right. xx

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hi reikiblossom

i am sorry to hear you’re feeling lousy tday- i am sending you a big hug that is designed to send ‘the uncertainty’ to the bottom of the sea where it belongs. please take comfort in how strong you are and have been for others on this site, myself included. you are a great person who doesn’t deserve this crappy condition, and you will rise above it.

with hugs, fluffyollie xxx

Hey no problem Hun. Always here for you. You’ll get through this hunni. I know how long the crappy days feel. Big hugs xx

Fluffyollie - you did send the 'copter of Correct Diagnosis to pick me up before you sank the ship, didn’t you?! Oh hang on…yes, you said that I’ll ‘rise above it’ :wink: Thankyou.

I had a bit of a rough day today (dizzy, fatigued, top lip joining in the random tingle attacks on my face) but still managed to make plum crumble with the littl’un and make some progress in the Great Toy Tidy. It helped that hubby came home as he had an unexpected gap in his shift work and I managed to get a few minutes cat-nap in.I never can sleep properly during the day. So, hopefully, tomorrow I’ll be in a fit enough state to get to a speak to the Physio but not so great that there’s nothing to show. These involuntary movements have subsided but not entirely gone away. I’ll let you know how I get on tomorrow. Thanks for taking an interest :heart:


My physio session went quite well. He tested my balance - not too bad, he said but I’m used to having really good balance usually - felt pretty wobbly to me! My left leg is noticeably less strong than my right. He has given me several exercises to do as my ‘numbishness’ may be partly due to a constricted nerve. He found several sore spots on my lower back that I didn’t know I had! He advised to shorten my walking stick (already done thanks to my wonderful brother) and he didn’t really say anything when I told him about my new wheelchair, when I use it and how it benefits me.Phew! (For some reason I was a bit worried about being told off!!) So…all I need to do is remember to do my exercises for three weeks until my next appointment.

Must be the week for positive physios - I had a good review with mine on Monday and got a new set of exercises.

I find the best time to do my exercises is first thing in the morning, as part of my getting up routine. Then they’re done and it doesn’t matter if I don’t have a lot of energy left after work.

I have a few brief exercises to do four times a day. I hope I can remember to do them!First set done this morning as I waited for the kettle to boil :slight_smile: