Feel crazy

I’ve been reading some of your stories and you are all incredible.

roughly 5 years ago I had what I thought was ‘sciatica’ I never went to the doctors I just assumed this was what it was, last year the pain was so bad, my lower back and neck hurt and my legs felt cold and would often feel numb although still able to walk and drive. I was also having stabbing like pains in my legs and my arms. My doctor referred me to have an MRI which was done in my lower back and showed moderate disc bulge, I also had physio which did nothing. I’ve had several bouts of feeling unwell since, 3 months ago my doctor did a full blood work up and found I am deficient in vitamin d, I have been taking my supplements but I have yet again started with the same symptoms but with added extras, I feel dizzy, like someone is shaking the room and behind my eyes hurt and sometimes can’t focus. I also ‘twitch’ it can be a muscle that you can’t see move but feel it or it can be a full on twitch where my arm physically moves.

I have mentioned my thoughts to my doctor about ms and have been told that because I get pain in both legs and arms that it cannot be ms? I’m not the expert so I took that answer.

Am I crazy for thinking this is what it could possibly be?

thank you for reading, by the way I’m a 32 year old female if that even makes a difference

hi rachel

keep on looking for answers.

become a royal pain in the bum and keep asking your gp.

i don’t know about the idea that if your symptoms are on both sides it can’t be ms.

mine were on both sides but they started on the right and remain worse on the right.

also there was a theory that if you weren’t in the right age band it couldn’t be ms.

i was told that i was too old to have ms but the week before my 50th i got diagnosed.

carole x

Thank you Carole, I had bloods taken today at doctors request so we shall take it from there, I’ve also booked in to see an optician tomorrow as the pain behind my eyes is still there.

i will keep at it and as you say become a royal pain in the bum. Thank you x

Hi Rachel

It seems to me that your GP is considering your symptoms, and independently deciding that your symptoms do not have a neurological cause. But has he/she referred you to a neurologist?

If not, then the ‘royal pain in the bum’ should perhaps ask for a referral to a neurologist?

Unless the doctor who told you it can’t be on both sides of your body is in fact a neurologist?

One of the problems can sometimes be that if you go to your doctor and say, ‘I think it’s MS’, s/he might concentrate on telling you what they know about MS which does not fit your symptoms without considering the wider picture.

Whereas if you see your doctor and ask for a referral to neurology because it seems that there could be a neurological problem, you may get a bit further.

One thing that I (amongst many) have learned over the years is that MS does not follow a strict pattern. It does whatever the hell it likes. Plus, there can be so many different symptoms that could also apply to other things, that keeping the conversation just related to MS isn’t very useful.

So, as Carole said, see your GP again, if necessary be a pain in the arse, but ask for a referral to neurology. And if your saw a neurologist previously, then ask for a re-referral.


Thank you sue and to answer your question no I haven’t been referred to a neurologist nor has my doctor mentioned it, my blood results should be back tomorrow so I guess I’ll take it from there. My family gp is generally good so I do have faith that we will get to the bottom of it, it’s just not nice to have to wait, which I know everyone has to. It’s interfering with my job which as a domicilary carer driving from one house to the next is taking its toll, I grab naps when I can and often sleep the day away on my days off. Thank you use x