Fed up

Hi all

I am getting fed up of the pains now and its still hard for me to take on yet that I have been told I have MS.

Roll on next week when MS nurse come to visit and I will find out what type I have and will hopefully be put on some meds at the min I am taking Gabapentin for the pain but I dont think its working much as still in pain. Had a really bad night last night my legs felt like they where been squeezed tight like a band was round them one at on right leg and at bottom near ankle on left.

They where pulsing and twitiching and they fellt odd found it hard to walk on them, and they have hurt during the day today after it.

I am feeling worse by the day with different things happening first my arms twicihing and pulsing now my legs.

Sorry guys for the long messgae I just needed to talk to others who feel the same.

Clare x

So sorry you are having a bad time.



Hi Clare - hope the nurse can help you lovely xxxjenxxxx

Hi Clare,

There are various meds available for spasms so it’s worth mentioning to your nurse when you see her.

You may also find some tips in the Muscles & Spasms publication (ms essentials 19) which you can access and download by clicking on ‘What is MS’, then ‘Signs & Symptoms’ followed by ‘Spasms’.

Debbie xx

Sorry you’re having such a bad time big hugs

Hi It does not matter what “type” of MS we have, ie affects us all. If not physically, with pain, mobility, perception, speech…etc, but mentally also. It takes it out of us and depresses us by not bing able to do what we did. We have to make the best of it and not be “dragged into a Black hole” by it. Having like minded people to talk to, who understand, lifts us. No matter how long the message or thread, there is always a friend that understands. Take care Mike x

Hi I have not been diagnosed yet, see my GP on monday. I have alot of symptoms, and had 3 attacks in 2yrs.

Just want answers, because I cant do what I want to do.