Fed up AGAIN (lph48)

I am having another bad day. They seem to be happening most days lately. Today my legs feel like jelly, and they feel like they will not support me. I am thinking of LDN, as I am not taking anything else, I am seeing my doctor next week to ask him for it. I have made an appointment with the main doctor in the practice, as last time I asked, it was a new doctor in the practice who didn’t know anything about it. I am also thinking of eating a bit more, as I think my diet may not be too good for me,I have lost a stone in 6 weeks, which is probably too fast. This could be another reason I feel so weak. I did feel like this when I first started my diet so I did stop being so strict with my food. Does anyone else think this may be a reason I feel so rubbish? I am sick of feeling fat and at the minute I feel useless as well!
Lynne x :frowning:

Hi Lynn, yeh, I wonder what diet you are following?.

I`ve been a life long dieter and have tried loads of different ones. They all work…IF you can stick to the plan.

Losing a stone in 6 weeks is good…depending that you`ve had good, nutritional food.

Re LDN…I tried it for 6 months, but the initial benefits soon waned and the sleep disturbence put me off continuing with it, so I gave up.

I spoke to my GP about it and took her some info, but she wasnt interested in giving it to me. There are a small number of GP here, who will prescribe it, so its worth asking.

luv Pollx

Yes Lynne,

Good advice given. I would ask gp for bloods taken to see if your deficient in anything. I found out my vit.d3 levels were low all adding to fatigue etc. It could be you need extra vitamins just for the short term or longer.

you are trying your best and we each find we reach a halt sometimes, either it be ms or our moods, or health in general.

Well done for reaching such a milestone, youve done really well. Please check out your health and get some medical support as you sound like youve hit a brick wall and need more encouragement.

We are here for you.


hi,thanks everyone. I am doing a ‘modified’ Slim Fast diet. I did try it as they suggest for a couple of weeks, but they tell you to drink loads, but my bladder couldn’t deal with it and I daren’t go far from the loo! I did stop this and changed it to eating fruit that had plenty of juice. You are allowed 3 snacks (only supposed to be 100 calories but I’m not really being too strict on that) , so that was mainly fruit.
I do take plenty of vitamins (B12, D3, calcium, magnesium etc) so many its a wonder I don’t rattle, and my doctor did yesterday do a blood test (mainly for d3 and calcium as I recently had a bone scan and I have the start of osteoporosis).
I think I might have this weekend off the diet and have a blow out! Can’t go too mad though, I’ve another stone to lose!
But this blow out might put me in a better mood too!
Lynne x :wink:

Hi Lynne,Sorry to hear you are not feeling so good,well done with your diet.I have been takeing LDN for five weeks,had prescription from neuro no prob :wink: since taking it something is deff happening I feel much better in myself, I have more energy, my legs feel stronger,feel more alive.First couple of nights I had very vivid dreams but thats all, :o sleep like a baby now.I take a lot of vits have you tried slow release b complex? take care.helen.x