Hi this is the first time I have really suffered from fatigue I think!! Just wondering how long does it normally last? And what can help? I know everyone is different but I’ve had two and a half days off work this week I just have no energy I also feel when I’m walking it’s like on jelly!!!

Thanks em

Hello em

For me fatigue is a constant problem, that just varies in it’s intensity. The only thing that works for me is just to give into it and rest.

I don’t work, you do, so appreciate your worries. Hopefully others can come up with other ideas.

Take care


You could look at ways of reducing workload, when you are working…if that is possibe.

hi em

that walking on jelly, i understand, it is a sensory symptom.

let your ms nurse know although i don’t think there is a med for this.

as blossom said, ask if you could reduce your workload or maybe to be able to work from home on bad days.

if all else fails, there are a couple of meds,

​amantadine will be the first one but the effects are so mild that it didn’t touch my fatigue.

there is also modafinil which may be more difficult to get prescribed for you.

when i was working, some situations were worse than others.

especially those interminably long meetings. i’d feel my brain go numb then within minutes i’d nod off!

it was ok if i could go out for some fresh air though.

good luck

carole x

Thanks Carole and blossom just woke up again! Lol. I work in a special needs department and my job can be very physical at times but they have been very good with me and I’ve took a step back from the physical stuff for now. And me and meetings have never been good! I always switch off and think of other things so now I take a doodle book with me but I always tell my boss she just laughs at me lol

As an old hand at this MS [32yrs] - l can remember that for years l needed to nap in the afternoons - well at least sit down and rest. But for the last 7yrs - since l started taking LDN my fatigue/brainfog/mental alertness has improved remarkably. l also take a high dose vitd3/vitb12 and now l am also taking D-Phenylalanine. l don’t want to come over as a ‘pusher’ - but if it wasn’t for folk on here l would never had found out about LDN. l also take magnesium malate - which helps with sleep/leg pain/cramp.

l just wished l had known about ldn years ago. l take nothing else as my ms is primary progressive. So far there is nothing available on prescription to help.

Now l hardly sit down all day - and do not sleep much at night either. Just lie in bed reading.

l do try to exercise a little but often all day. As this helps boost endorphins like the ldn and D-P.

Hope you start feeling brighter soon. This time of year we really need the sunshine vitamin d3.

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l am beginning to sound like Tom Jones of the Voice UK. He starts by saying how long he has been in ‘the game’.


my main problem is fatigue, in variable degrees, I try to pace myself, have plenty of rests between doing things, mainly housework as I no longer work due to it.

I have tried Amentadene, although I didn’t think it helped at the time,I’m am to try it again when I’m really fatigued,when I say really I mean it’s hard work even getting to make lunch even a simple sandwich.

I visited my Ms nurse this week as I was told I could start the other drug Modifinal but unfortunately it’s not prescribed at the moment as it’s been affecting some people’s heart.

My fatigue never seems to be the same,except I have it all the time to a certain extent, mild I’d say can be for a few months then when I least expect it I’m totally knackered some times for a few days but my last episode was at Christmas and lasted about four weeks I now stop if I notice it creeping back in and sit down and rest and maybe watch a film or have a read. I have found if I catch it early it doesn’t last as long. Trying to push past it doesn’t work,it just makes it worse.

Ive had Ms for four years and am not on any meds. I do think it’s about time a drug was found to combat this fatigue seeing as nearly everyone diagnosed has it, I believe Asprin is being trialed at the moment!

I hope you sort out your work,I guess it’s getting the balance right, plenty of breaks etc. good luck.

Fatigue caused me to give up full time work some time ago, I now work from home for just a few hours each week, so can just give in until it passes.

The duration can be anything from an hour or two up to several days.

In summer the heat will trigger it, yet I’ve had it most of this week, so certainly not the heat this time.

Damn it it won’t let me post and I’ve just lost my message I typed I’m not gonna write it again but thank you everyone who messaged and im gonna start my vit d again and just hope the fatigue disappears soon had it now all week and lost 21/2 days off work!! Well what do ha know I kind of wrote the message again!! Lol