Hi, does anyone have any good remedies to help with fatigue ? I feel like I cannot move from about 6 in the evening even if I make sure I have a rest in the day.

According to the Barts Blog pills are of little use and suggest mindfulness as an alternative. Personally, I find moderate exercise helps.

Gratitude – Multiple Sclerosis Research Blog (multiple-sclerosis-research.org)

No meat and very limited dairy works for me. It was never something I was badly affected by, but since I went vegetarian nearly a year ago, it’s been non existent. So I’d say lifestyle, diet and sensible exercise.

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I follow the best bet diet which really helps me with fatigue also if i don’t eat large meals i have noticed i don’t feel as fatigue

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listen to your body. we always tend to push ourselves. I also take 1000iu of vitimin D as a was a bit low and since taking them my fatigue level has got better. I also cut out sugar and heavy carbs and that has helped too. although you should always check before you start denyining yourself things and adding, i have to say i have much more energy. and lost weight too. without even trying.