Fatigue panic

Went out to a local park this morning to try shake off this cold virus & maintain some exercise after being diagnosed with osteo. What a big mistake, headache, shaking, feeling sick, coughing then fatigue set in when Id only gone a few yards. Had to sit on benches and try walk the short distance back to car. Talk about being caught short, with son looking at me wondering what to do next.

Anyone else discovered their plans have to be altered so abruptly and dramatically?

Once home left foot went totally dead! Me thinks one virus is nagging ms symptoms to join in. I hate this weird disease which makes daily activities a very uncertain practise.


hi bren,

aww i really hope you feel a bit better now you’re home.

its awful when you cant plan anything like even just going for a walk!

it’s nice to try and get out in the fresh air and i know its awful when you cant.

try and take it easy and rest up.


mandy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Allo poor bren, I know you are trying to do your best to help the oesteo thingy, but it seems the effort is proving too much.

Would it be better to exercise at home, then if you get puffed, worn out etc then at least you can flop somewhere safely, eh?

luv Pollx