Fatigue management course


I just wondered has anyone attended a fatigue management course/seminar? My neuro has suggested I go on one, but its a long way from where I live and I wondered if they are beneficial. I mean, do they say take a power nap and rest? Or is it more in depth? Like others, I work full time and have a household to run - so sleeping during the day isnt an option.

Thoughts please people.

Thank you!

I waited to see if someone else would post because my experience wasn’t very positive. I went on a fatigue mang course about 4 years ago but I honestly didn’t learn anything new. TBH I found it all a bit patronising. The nicest part was meeting other people and chatting with them but I can’t say I got any profound insights from the organisers. If you were very new to MS it might be helpful but with years of coping under my belt I didn’t get much from it.

I’m afraid my experience was much the same too.


I haven’t been on a course but years ago I saw an occupational therapist who gave me a fatigue management sheet thong to complete - a diary type thing - and ultimately concluded that basically I was automatically doing what they’d advise. The things you have to consider are: what do you spend your time doing? What makes you most fatigued? Do you space activities / chores out or try to do everything all at once (like pre MS days)? If you work, do you burn the candle at both ends? How do you manage your work and home life? If you have children, how do you manage all the extra work they entail (no experience here but I understand they take a lot of energy!)? If you have a partner, do you divvy up the household stuff? Essentially, it’s just common sense stuff, but sometimes you need to sit down and have a think about how your life is managed. And everyone is different.

As Jane said, you might find the course contents/organisers to be patronising, but if you’ve not met too many fellow MSers, or just enjoy swapping ideas and thoughts with others then do it.


Thanks all. Your answers are much as I expected to be honest. I mean, it would be great to take a power nap as required - but that just doesnt go down well in the office!!! I know what I could be doing to manage my fatigue - but putting it into practice is the hard part. I waste so much of my annual leave just taking a day off to sleep!

Fatigue is my biggest issue right now, I have been diagnosed 6 years and I was on Tysabri. They say Tysabri doesnt help fatigue but the whole time I was on that - I didnt feel like this (been on Gilenya about 8/9 months now).

Sue - your points are all great, at the moment I am barely managing a work and home life. I do have a husband…he also has MS. But, he is medically retired now so he does manage quite well, I am only 32 so that is a place I dont want to be anywhere near just yet. We dont have kids, we would like them but the way things are right now I dont think it would be a wise decision. I come home from work absolutely wiped out - but hubby and I are very good at “ignoring” the house work if we arent up to it! If only the sun would stop shining through the windows and highlighting all the dust!

I may see when the date is, and decide from then as to if I attend the course or not. Wendels - I think I agree that the nicest part will be meeting other people and I assume it wont be just MSers, but people from all walks of life suffering with fatigue. I like many others get really wiped out by the heat as well so I think that is probably making things worse.

Thanks again for responding