Fatigue advice

Thanks :slight_smile: x

Try Amantadine thats for fatigue it works for some people.

Thanks I will have a look. Have been ordered to have a day in bed today by my man lol. Dropped my little boy to nursery and am now ensconced in bed with my iPad and the cat who thinks all his Christmases have come at once lol!

I have also seen very good effects on fatigue from Fampyra. You are right that it is specifically a drug for walking problems caused by MS and you are unlikely to be prescribed it. You might be able to get Modafinil however. This is a drug for excessive sleepiness - not an MS drug at all. A woman I know who struggled with sleepiness/tiredness from diagnosis of MS has been on it for years and it still keeps the problem at bay.

Yep, the fatigue’s a killer.

I try to conserve my energy and prioritise the important stuff like my kids and family. All the other stuff like the garden and the house can wait until I’ve got the energy. Luckily, I’ve got a very understanding employer and they don’t mind if I nod off during meetings. Also, I never need to play golf again. Every cloud!


Lol thanks. Unfortunately working in intensive care I can’t really nod off x

Hi Littlekit, I have been following your posts - I am a nurse too! And so understand about fatigue and trying to work. I am really struggling as my husband was made redundant at same time as my diagnosis, so we REALLY need my wage! I absolutely love my job usually, but with the symptoms just living can be difficult, let alone commute and work on top of that. Concentration can be a problem, but I think it can lessen when you are not worrying about diagnosis etc. once you have more of an idea of what is happening to you and you start to get your head round it maybe that symptom will ease a bit? Being diagnosed can be a bit all consuming! Really hope you are starting to feel a bit better. I assume you have had MRI’s etc - to get to the bottom of your diagnosis? Bea x


Hi, yes the fatigue is a killer and trying to juggle all the demands is so hard! I too am a nurse, have MS and one little boy and am also the breadwinner at home, the only earner, so I’m constantly spreading myself thin, too thin! I’m off work sick just now with a relapse :-(…hopeing / planning to get back to work next week, cause my half pay sick pay is running out :frowning: take care littlekit, and try to use your energy wisely…you should see my house and garden, it sure wouldn’t win any awards for a show home, no way!!! Jools X

[/quote] Hi Bea, what’s it with us nurses and having MS!!??, see attached my comment to littlekit, so I’m like yourself, the sole earner in the house with that worry along with my own health. I’m off currenly with a relapse but going back to work tomorrow, would have prefered to have stayed off for a bit longer but financially can’t :frowning: Jools X

Hi lots of good advice but one of the most important things in relapse is to rest and not over exert yourself. It does sound like you have done that hun. Hope you feel btr soon. Xxx

Not easy is it? Feel certain I wouldnt have had recent relapse when I did if it wasnt for redundancy too. I then felt so anxious about being off sick. I kept setting dates to go back and then had to delay return to work as I just wasn’t able to function. Took whole month off (ideally it should have been more). In reality it was actually 9 days sick. Overall it didn’t seem to matter that much to work in the whole scheme of things! Yet I felt so bad. Good luck to Jools and Littlekit when you are able to return Bea xx

Thanks Jools and Bea. Unfortunately I’m falling foul of thinking I’m feeling a bit better and then overdoing it and ended up back at square one again. Today for example! I felt a bit less wobbly so I walked to the park with my partner and son (about 1/3 of a mile) and sat watching them play for an hour and a half before walking home again. By the time we got home I was so exhausted I had to go take a nap and now I feel a bit disorientated and wobbly again. Silly! Xx

Soooooooooooo so easy to overdo things littlekit and your wee boy will just want outside in this summer weather and mummy must go too! :-S Jools X

Yup. And to top it off I have the mother of all headaches now :frowning: wondering whether its a migraine so if it doesn’t start to ease soon I will do my injection. Really hitting me how far I am away from going back to work when I can’t even do gentle exercise. 12.5 hour shifts would kill me :frowning:

I have a three year old so know how you feel wanting to make sure your able to see and do things. But honestly if your in relapse even chilling for a couple of days can make a big difference. It’s hard as I never want to miss out on my boy.they grow too quick and I don’t plan on anymore children so I don’t want to miss anything. Try and rest see if it helps. Xxx

Thanks :slight_smile: thankfully the headache has eased after sitting with my eyes closed with a cold cloth on my head in front of the fan. Normally I love the heat but its done a total number on me today x

Not really. When you feel good you want to do all the stuff you have not been able to do for days!!! And you want to grab the energy you have got and use it don’t you? But no point lurching from feeling good, back to square one again - so pace yourself!!! Hard to be strict with yourself and hard to believe doing so little can be so shattering! Take care Bea