Has anyone tried Fampyra? I am frustrated that although this has been approved by NICE it isn’t available on the NHS where I live. If I try it and it’s a success I will struggle to pay for it. Thanks all, Luce x

look at thecompounder.com website at 4ap and ms

It hasn’t been approved by NICE. They haven’t looked at it and they’re not planning to. Your local health authority has to decide if they will fund it - I know Dudley will but most others won’t. There have been several threads on this and I have posted numbers for Healthcare at Home and BUPA Homecare, who will supply you with Fampyra for around £180 for four week’s supply, with the first month free. If you can’t find the thread and you’re interested in paying for it yourself, post saying so and I can put the numbers up again.

Hi Lucy Take a look a posts in PPMS forum lots on Fampyra recently? Chris

Hi Sewingchick,

I’m very interested in trying Fampyra and would greatly appreciate you posting contact numbers for BUPA and Healthcare At Home, so that I’m ready to discuss this possibility with my Neuro when I see him next.

Many thanks for your kind help and warmest regards,


This is the post I put on ‘Fampyra for £190 a month’.

There is some useful information on the Barts & London site.