Fampyra for £190 per month

I have just found out that you can now get Fampyra for £190 per month, with a free month’s trial (rather than £430 a month). For anyone who has missed the 4 or 5 threads on this, Fampyra is a “walking drug” but actually a drug that improves how the nerves damaged by MS transmit messages. That means it helps all symptoms, not just walking. It may not help everyone but helps at least 30-40% of MSers who try it.

If you can afford the lower price and want to try this drug, you need to get a prescription from your neuro and then get in touch with Bupa Homecare on 01279456789 or Healthcare at Home on 08000556937. Sorry to sound like an advert for this drug but it’s really helped me and I’m really keen to get it for the lower price and to spread the word. Hope that’s OK.

Well done sewingchick, I think that I would like to try it. I suppose you would know after the months free trial if it was going to work for you.


Moyna x

My MS nurse said she wouldn’t give it on a free trial as it was a big harsh to lift you up then drop you down again after the trial.

Excellent news, Sewingchick, and well done you for finding this info

I’m definitely interested in giving this a try!!

Oh I should have said, if you’re in the Dudley health authority you can get Fampyra on the NHS

Dudley’s just down the road from me but that’s in Geordieland!

Perky posted this on the Ampyra thread