I am getting a month.s supply of Fampridine on Monday.  Have any of you tried it and did it work?

Hi Diane

There is something about this it was on page 3 well down the page.  Hope this helps I was looking at this myself so please let us know how you get on.


I tried it a few years ago. It worked on my legs but made me very dizzy and My balance was bad, so I gave up. Hope it’s better for you.

Can I ask whereabouts you are please?

My MS nurse says that whether Fampradine will be prescribed in Cornwall is "under review"

(I am getting ready to write to my MP so would be good to give an example of somewhere that is already prescribing it)

It seems so daft that we might not be able to try something which could be hugely beneficial to our walking ability and quality of life and for which the result is known within in a couple of weeks - so money isn't wasted on the drug if no benefit!

I am also on a list for when funding becomes available. Keep us posted on how you get on. Hope it works for you if you are anything like me is a life line!
Chris x

Hi Diana

As somebody who is interested in Fampridine but who currently can't get it, I would also be interested in knowing which hopsital is prescribing it for you



Fampridine can be bought from Skips Pharmacy in the USA with a private prescription. Approx £80 including delivery for two months supply.
Sold under name of Fampyra, slow release version, in UK. A neuro may prescribe under NHS, Fampyra costs about £900 per month.
Dosage is tricky with US version, but much cheaper!
It works for me!

John H.

Hi Diana

You might want to take a look at:
which offers two different views on Fampyra

And for johnh, and anyone else interested - the NHS report referenced in the link above gives the net cost of Fampyra to the NHS as £4700 per year (roughly £400 per month).