Can’t believe I’ve been on fampridine for nearly one month now can bend my leg walk better and quicker still with crutches for balance. Going to stay on it i still work and people have commented on how good i’m walking my leg was all but dead a few weeks ago. Annoyed I have to pay for it though, I can afford it but have a friend who can’t try it because she couldnt afford it if it works for her so upsetting money has to come into it

So glad it’s helped you Cathy…you’re right though no one should have to pay for it. It helped my walking enormously, unfortunately I had some unpleasant side effects so didn’t continue. Strangely though, several weeks later, my walking is still better than it was before I started fampridine …not as good as when I was taking it…and some days not good at all never the less the continued improvement is a pleasant and unexpected bonus . Best wishes, Nina

just had my first 10mtr walk, had to turn 3 times as poles short. took 1min 50sec, hope to start tablets in few weeks.