Fake tan

Hi all, I’m going for a spray tan tomorrow to make my self feel and look a bit better. I was just wondering if spray tans were ok to have when on rebif and wont aggravate my skin where I inject. Thanks x nicola

Hope the booth is warm and you don`t freeze, eh?


luv Pollx

A bit of a tan does boost your morale - even a spray tan. Better still - use the uv sunbed and boost your vitd3 at the same time.

l have one l use now and then - it warms you through to your bones - and you get a nice 'glow'.


Hi.  I had a fake tan done a few weeks ago.  I am on Rebif and did not have any problems with fake tan on my injection sites.   Hope you enjoy your tan. x x

Thanks you everyone I’m reassured now and looking forward to it. Nicola xx