Eye test and diagnosing MS

Hello, having a time of it being diagnosed with MS. Doctor after lumber puncher said my protein levels looked in normal range (although she admitted she didn’t look at them that often). I shortly after saw a cardio specialist who up until now had been dealing with my case. He then informed me that my protein levels in the spinal fluid to my blood was off and that everything else made him think it was MS and was referring me to a neurologist. I told him a was having problem with my right eye and he suggest I see my optician to get checked. I then saw my optician and they said that the back of my eye looks fine so most likely I didn’t have MS. She said she has never seen a case of MS were the eye wasn’t effected. By the end because of a colour test she decide I should go to hospital to the eye clinic. Sorry long story to get to short question but background might be important.

Is she right must your eyes be effected. I know 80% of people with MS suffer at some point with eye problems but does it have to start there?


As far as I am aware, although Optic Neuritis is fairly common it dosn’t have to be present at the beginning. I am heading towards MS diagnosis when I next see neuro in April. I have had positive Lumbar Puncture, lesions seen on brain and spine MRIs and other symptoms but no problem, as yet, with eyes.

Only a neurologist can diagnose MS.

i am in no way an expert just my experience so far.

Good luck


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Optic neuritis is definitely not part of the diagnosis of MS. It’s true that many people do have ON early in their disease course, but not all. I didn’t.

When you say the doctor who looked at your LP results couldn’t see anything that made her think it was MS, what kind of doctor was she? A GP? The cardiologist then looked and said it did look like MS. Neither of these views should be 100% relied upon.

Alberito is right in saying that only a neurologist can diagnose MS. And generally the lumbar puncture is useful, but not essential in diagnostic terms. What a neurologist would use for diagnosis is your symptom history, a physical examination and most importantly, MRI. Assuming the symptoms and physical exam (plus in your case the LP since you’ve already had it) warrant referral for MRI.

So if you’ve been referred to a neurologist, I hope the appointment comes soon, and you get answers that can be relied upon.



Thank you for your replies. My GP said my protein levels looked fine but admitted she doesn’t look at them that often. My MRI showed lesions were the spine meets the brain. It’s just a long slow process. In pain everyday to walk now and with two kids aged one and two, sitting is not an option. I wouldn’t mind if I knew what was causing it. But when your body is failing you and you don’t know why, it make each day a growing concern.

Well I’ll I have my two sun beam, an amazing partner to keep me happy and striving forward

thanks again