Experience of getting DMT prescribed privately?

It’s taken 6 months to get diagnosis of RR MS- still not on a DMT- not stable - multiple relapses over the last 2 years. Think I know what DMT I’d like can I just go private and pay for it? Know many people do for diagnosis but any experience/tips of getting treatment? Wait for a neurology/MS nurse team appointment but feels endless…just want to be doing something about it!

I have not heard of anyone doing this, I must admit. I assume that you’ve tried all the routes you can think of to speed up the normal NHS route? I am sorry that you are clearly having a frustrating time.

I’m in the US, so I can’t really advise you, but DMT’s are frightfully expensive out of pocket.

If you’re in the uk, then I’d probably ring your MS nurse (if you’ve been assigned one) otherwise speak to the neurologist team.

I don’t know if this helps but it took me about 5 months post diagnosis to be offered a treatment. The uk seems to offer Kesimpta or Ocrevus for active RRMS and other drugs if it is deemed very active. Following the offer it took 2 months to start Kesimpta, Ocrevus would have taken a little longer as infusion appointments would have been needed.

Hope you get progress with your treatment soon. Good luck

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