exercise and ms

Hi eveyone I have posted twice before and everyone here is so kind. I have not been diagnosed with ms but convinced I have it. Just wanted to asked how does exercise affect ms. I went to the gym today and during and after my right side of body felt wierd like stiff and weak and felt I couldn’t walk properly. I felt so bad I cried all the way home! Does this kind of thing happen with ms? I’m fine with hot baths etc. Thanks x

Hi, Exercise can temporarily exacerbate symptoms, yes. This is not dangerous, and NOT a relapse - just uncomfortable, and sometimes bl**dy inconvenient. With practice, you will learn how much you can get away with, without the side-effects being too severe. It is good still to exercise if you can, but obviously not to the point of feeling ill for days afterwards. By trial and error, you will find out how much you can still do with tolerable side-effects. Tina x

Hi, not an expert but if you normally say do classess for an hour which are too much, the Davina 15 minute DVD or download to do at home is good and is separated into 15 mins classess for different body areas, has a good cool down and meditation part too.can do in your bedroom! Ally