Esa question


I was reading a statement online from Amber Rudd , she stated a while back that 95% of people with MS are in the support group. Do you think this is true ?

I don’t even have to claim ESA / UC yet and I’m worried sick about being found fit for work.


This FOI response also says about 95% of those with MS on ESA are in the support group, but they say that it would be too expensive to also provide figures of those found fit for work:

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My wife is in the support group but only after we took it to tribunal. We didn’t know she had Ms when she applied for ESA but she had very severe nerve damage caused by an accident at work,and went for it when they stopped paying her sickpay.After an Absolute joke of an assessment by a nurse the Dwp decided against the advise of a spinal surgeon that she was fit for work!By the time tribunal came round almost a year later it was fairly clear she had MS as well! Ollie

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Good grief, as if our lives weren’t difficult enough without having to fight for support.

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The emotional toll it all took on us both was pretty horrific,firstly her injury then a new manager coming in trying to get rid of her after just a few months, so fighting them on that for 6 months,then to get all her holiday pay according to the law not the outdated and illegal contracts they had, then given Esa til assessment which was an absolute work of fiction,then forced to sign on(which as she couldn’t drive or walk safely involved me finishing work early to take her).Stressful as hell but even though we would of got by as far as i was concerned we had to fight them as it was the right thing to do,don’t like bullies which is how i see them!

Like i say we would get by but it really opened my eyes to how difficult things could be for some people,i mean my wife couldn’t have fought em without me,she couldn’t have signed on without me,She would have had no money at all coming in,she was unable to look after herself let alone do any kind of work, so how long til someone single in same circumstances ends up homeless,and starving,6 weeks maybe? This country is going backwards at a rapid rate!

Don’t be put off applying.

I was migrated from IB to ESA Support Group 3 years ago without a face to face assessment,

just ‘on the papers’ I supplied with the ESA50 form and my GP and MS Nurses details.

I know others have been placed in the ESA Support Group with no hassle.

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I wonder if they just don’t want to release the figures on how many people with MS are found fit for work.

I can’t find anything online.

I’m so sorry you’ve both been put through this. This Government have no shame whatsoever.

My eyes were definitely opened after my PIP assessment…another complete work of fiction…I got my award only after breaking down on the phone to DWP. The whole experience just broke me.

Health and Social Security???

The Department of Health and Social Security was replaced by the Department of Work and Pensions -

we can now see what a big change in thinking has occurred.