ESA assessment

I have been waiting for my 3rd assessment since Oct 2012 and Ifinally had it today.

It was at my house as the doctors and Neuro gave them a letter saying I am far too ill for work etc, even tho they saw that they still had to come and see me of course!

Anyway I was alseep when they arrived as I am not having the greatest time at the mo and my parents came up at the weekend to help me.

The woman came up to my bedroom and she sat down and started to ask the silly questions like can you turn a page in a book etc.

she made me do some of the tests like can lift leg etc but I told her how bad my walking was and told me that she believes me and I don’t have to do that test Bonus!

Then she asked me a question no one else will get, me and my b/f have a dog and she asks if I walk it and I said no as I don’t, but I thought I bet no one else gets this question.

Anyway I am gonna have to wait a month or so for my answer so I am keeping fingers crossed, however since they put me on WRAG the first 2 times I don’t have much hope in these people at all!