esa and volenteering work

Does anybody know if you are allowed to do volenteering work while claiming esa. I left work 2 years ago due to ms but i am getting board now not doing anything and thought might be able to manage to volenteer somewhere a few hours a week if i was able to.
thanks jenny :wink:

Hi Jenny,

You are allowed to do voluntary work for anyone except a relative.
You can receive expenses but no payment.

However - and this is my cynical black heart talking :twisted: - I would be sure that I could justify the work in relation to your ESA. By this I mean explain that doing 2 hours serving in a charity shop does not mean that you could work at Tesco. I just worry about ATOS, if they can declare people fit to work because they can catch a bus who knows what connotation they would put on your activities. Iโ€™m not saying donโ€™t do it - far from it, voluntary work is a lifeline for lots of us just be ready to explain if necessary.


Thats what im worried about im just board. How do you pass that time
Thanx Jenny x