I had my first symptoms in January of this year and was diagnosed in June.

The lady next door was yesterday told she almost definitely has MS (her symptoms started last year)

What are the chances of two neighbours being diagnosed in the same year?

So within 6 neighbouring houses we have 2 cases of MS and 2 cases of fibromyalgia - surely that’s extremely high odds?

For information, our houses are built on an old quarry.

People assume “random” means “uniformly distributed”. It doesn’t. In any random distribution, there will be clusters. This is a normal feature of randomness. In fact, anything that’s exactly evenly distributed (no clusters) almost certainly isn’t random!

So there’s nothing peculiar or sinister about finding yourself in a cluster - someone’s bound to be!


I woked in an office which had less than 50 people in it and it had two other ladies with MS. All three of us were about the same age with similar symptoms and had been diagnosed about the same time (long before we all joined the same company).

These things happen.


Funny Tina

The guy at the Environmental Health office said EXACTLY the same thing as you.

I don’t work for Environmental Health, promise! Or a quarry company! I have no vested interest in trying to persuade you it’s NOT the quarry. There are just a lot of misconceptions around chance and probability. Life is full of coincidences. Most of them are just that - they don’t have any deeper significance. Tina

Someone’s just sent me this link:

Someone’s just sent me this link:

More the concern for me would have been if there was an issue,how it may affect my young children in the future but hopefully a coincidence is all it is x

Can we not post links? I’ve just tried twice and it’s not shown up, was an interesting article on MS clusters

My next door neighbour had it as did a lady across the road and another in the village,then I moved about a mile away but as the crow flies a straight line between villages where the lady who worked in the shop had it, the chap who lived in front of the shop and a friend round the corner and a lady who worked immediately behind her house, my friend’s brother has it and the breeder we acquired the wonderful Mr Woo from also has a brother with it. My nephew’s wife has it and my son’s 1st g/f also has it…I am always amazed that I never bump into any of them at the hospital!, no, thats a lie I did see the 1st neighbour I mentioned there once!