Energy ideas ?

Does anyone have any energy over the counter products they take ? My son could sleep clock around and still be exhausted.


I’m not aware of any, though there are no doubt various herbal supplements that will claim to help with fatigue. You can get a couple things on prescription though - amantadine and modafinil, so try the GP or neuro for them.

Other than that, it’s worth looking at lifestyle things. Diet can have a very big effect. Things like white bread and fatty meats leave me feeling lethargic, so I’ve cut them out. I also know a few people who follow a keto diet - low carb, high fat. Basically, you train your body to get its energy from fat rather than carbohydrates. So you massively reduce the amount of carbohydrates you eat (no more than 50g), and have lots of fat. All say their energy levels improved, with none of highs & lows of energy that people get. I’m seriously considering following it myself.


Exercise gives you energy It may sound odd, but exercise actually makes you feel less tired. Research has shown that keeping active can help fight MS fatigue. We don’t know exactly why this is, but studies have shown that exercise can change the connections between nerve cells in the part of the brain thought to be involved in MS fatigue. Exercise proven to help in MS | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK


I agree with Whammel that excercising is the best way to be more energetic during the day. I’ve personally started to excercise every morning for 5-10 minutes many years ago, and I can say with confidence that now my feeling and energy during the whole day is much much better than it used to be before these morning routines. What I also found useful is to drink green juices. They help to get a lot of necessary body substances and, at the same time, they’re easily absorbed and the body practically doesn’t spend energy on it. There are many juice extractors now that are good to make green juices (here, for example:, and a lot of recipes of different juices. Finally, I would also recommend taking contrast showers. They are a part of my morning routine too for 3 years now, and I must say - it’s just awesome! Here is how I do it: 1) Start with warm/hot water. Stay for 10 seconds. 2) Switch to the cold water (the coldest you have in the crane - it’s important!) and stay for 20 seconds. 3)Repeat steps 1-2 for two more times (so 3 cycles in total) 4) Always finish with cold water. Rub the body with a towel. The reason why you have to stay under the coldest water is that only in this case the hidden functions of the body are activated. Believe me or not, but when you’re staying under slightly cool water, the chances to catch a cold are much higher. Only with really cold water you’ll temper the body, improve health and get a great feeling after the procedure! Hope it helps.

I was listening to Chris Evans on the radio a few months ago and he had started to do this contrast shower thing after reading it about in some health mag, he was very sceptical at the time but now absolutely swears by it.

All his family now do it each morning including his kids and he reckons it has totally changed how they feel throughout the day.

He constantly raves on about it.

It does make you think how someone who gets up at 3am every morning to start a radio show can be so alert and sounding totally awake and fresh ?

Then again it might be because he’s looking at his bank statement every month ?

That would definitely perk me up no end