Emg test with secondary MS

Hi everyone,

My mum was admitted to hospital on Sunday morning after a pretty rough week.

She’s has spms and her mobility has gone pretty downhill, especially since an op in September. In the last month it’s got even worse to the point she can’t get up off the sofa/bed and her “second best” leg can’t be moved without lifting it by hand. Her right hand has gone into a claw and she cant grip without manually placing it.

The neuro came to give her the once over and noticed she has no reflexes at all in her “second best” leg and her other leg has poor reflexes

They’ve been and done an EMG to “rule out anything else, just because you have MS doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consider other things”
What does that even mean? As well as being worried sick about her MS I’ve now started worrying that they think she has mnd too.
What else could they be ruling out?
Could the absence of reflexes be MS related? Every google search I’ve done says ms makes reflexes enhanced, not reduced.
Any advice greatly received x

Eee luv!
I know this MS malarkey is a master of all sorts.

I’ve had PPMS 25 years and still keep hearing new stuff from different folk.

Let the docs do their jobs and take it from there.

Do you think it’s time for hoisting? I do this and it’s very helpful.


Hi i also have ms and had a emg for weakness i was then diagnosed with another co dition and im taking medication for
Hope yo get the answers you need an things start to imorove