Effects of Gabapentin?

Hi - how do you know if symptoms are actually symptoms or side effects of the drug you are on? I can poke my hands and arms with a needle and it doesn't hurt; I also feel numby in my mouth. Is this the gabapentin or how I would be even without it does anyone know?


I've never been on gabapentin so can't really answer about that one, but I do know it can be tricky to tell what's causing what! (I sometimes reduce my meds' doses to check that I still need them.)

I find the website a godsend. If you search gabapentin on there you will find every known side effect.

Side effects can be weird, but they are usually temporary - so hopefully you'll feel better if you persevere.

Karen x

Can't help with your question but, what's with all the brain scan prfile pics? I want one now. Am feeling left out LOL!.

Can I get a copy of mine from my neuro?


Not sure - put mine up cos two others have! Will remove it soon. I got my scan disc cos my GP surgery pays for patients to go private if it means a quicker appointment etc so I was just given the disc because it's 'mine'. 

You can request one and pay £18ish I think. 

How are you?


Hi Deb.

I am doing great thanks. Apart from your numbness symptomst, I hope you are too?

You have a great GP! :)

I might ask for a copy of mine. Would love to have a copy of my brain. It's not every day you get to see it.

You should keep yours as a profile pic, it's great! :)

P.S. Whereabouts are your lesions? Do they show in your pic? I don't have a clue what to look for...

Mine's clear - so this is a perfect brain lol! I've just gone onto gabapentin (hence this post) for my buzzing, burning, jerking, twitching and muscle aches - it's early days but I have to say I feel a lot better. Much numb-er though so I'm guessing that's the drug but you can never be too sure. You would need a bit of a sliding doors view to be certain!!

No harm in asking for your pics, it's definitely fascinating. Sorry, I can't remember, off the top of my head, where you're at - are you diagnosed? 


Sorry for late reply. I got tangled up with a knitting project and watching phantom of the opera film adapatation -  and cried buckets as usual!

 Ah, you're brain is beautiful :)

It's good that you are feeling better though. 

I am still going through tests after my first 'MS attack'. Neuro thinks MS. MRI picked up one lesion in brain stem. One attack and one lesion is not enough for a dx though so I've had a LP,VEP and more blood tests! Going back on Wednesday for results of the tests.

LP was absolutely fine I thought! But that MRI machine, oh blimey, horrendous!

Don't worry about not remembering. I get so mixed up with members names and stuff so I can never remember who is who. There are so many people here with so many stories. It's impossible to keep up, especially when we have stuff going on inside our own heads too. 

I've only got slight numbess in left hand and foot now and some days feel bit lathergic and achey but nothing terrible.