"Easy" problem I feel horrible aboutv

I had my DLA award notice back and it’s far too high! I only wanted the low rate care and ended up with high rate mobility. I can’t imagine what my GP, who I haven’t seen for two years, wrote … he must think i’m the living dead. I have contested the decision and asked for less (I don’t even use my stick all the time, my problems are mostly vision / balance) but now i’m worried I misrepresented myself on my form and feel like a fraud. I do trip over a lot but I can usually get myself up without help, which I did tell them. What is.going on?? It is a “good” problem but I feel horrible thinking about all the people who need that bit of the award and I don’t. I hope they retain the care component, which I do need, but cut the mobilty down, so its fair. I definitely don’t need or deserve high rate.

When it comes to benefits, Im of the opinion that when we get what is fair we are satisfied, when we dont, then we feel guilty. In many a case people can get more than thre imagined they should get and visa versa.

Youve done what you have because you dont feel you deserve the higher rate of disability. But then youve discovered you trip lots and perhaps have realised your ms affects you more than you thought? Looking objectively at your situation perhaps you are worse than you thought? Thats why Ive always thought this site very good to compare symptoms and share experiences.

If you are now confused and feel you have made a mistake try ringing the department and tell them, its best to keep the authorities informed of your mistake, then go from there. They can always reconsider your claim and update it according to what is happening now.



Hi, well this certainly makes a change, eh? DWP often refuse those who do need higher awards.

But, as bren says, maybe you haven`t realise just how often you do trip up.

Don`t wish to be a wet blanket, but MS can worsen, so i would not have declared that you think it is too high.

luv Pollx


i was also awarded higher rate mobility recentely and it was all based on medical records from neuro,ms nurse and physio

i do sometimes tire very easily when walking but not all the time and legs feeling like lead

i did at first think i didn’t deserve higher rate but i thought well i’ve told no lies and the’ve made there decision so thanks very much

as poll say MS can worsen so take it while it’s there

take care



You are right to question if you think the award is too high.

With any award letter you get notification to tell them if things change or you feel the level of disability doesn’t meet the award level.

I would certainly check direct.gov.uk to check under what circumstances you need to contact the DCS. It is the claimants responsibility to ensure that they have the right level of award, although at times that can be difficult.

Please dont panic, you are doing the right thing.

take care



I had the same dilemma earlier this year. I did phone up and explained that i had not had a relapse in several months and felt the award was too high, i was advised that MS was a difficult one to assess. Also, it depended on what you actually submit on your form. I checked mine, i did specify very clearly all the way through my application, that my severe problems were only when i was in relapse. I do have daily problems, although I wouldn’t say they were totally debilitating, but as i stated, when in relapse i am totally reliant on my husband and find it extremely difficult to get around.

As long as you clearly stated exactly your problems honestly, try not to worry too much, you could always ring them again fpr assurance.

Take care