Hi, I was told by my neuro that I have dysmetria in my lower limbs. Can anyone explain this to me and how will it affect me in the future? I have weakness in my legs and have a diagnosis of ms. Thankyou.

Hi I’m not sure if this isn’t the same as what I have but mine was labelled as Ataxia basically muscle weakness & lack of co-ordination. I’ve just been reffered to Neuro physio have you had a referall?? Hope this explains it for you. Sue x

Dysmetria basically means a lack of coordination - so, for example, your foot might not go where you expect it to?

As Sue said, neurophysio might help you so do ask your neuro, MS nurse or GP for a referral.

What happens in the future is never certain with MS. It might get better (especially with neurophysio), it might stay the same or it might get worse. Do try the physio (and stick with it).

Karen x

(PS Did you get my reply to the pm you sent me?)