Durham Benefits and Awareness Talk 24/07/14

I have booked a place for this because… A. I will be applying for E.S.A sometime this year. B. Reading these boards I find I know very little. C. It’s a day out and I don’t get out much! Is anyone going to this and would like to meet either there or on route?I live in Teesside, Durham is about a 40 minute drive from me if anyone is relatively local to me and would like to go but needs a lift I would be happy to take you. If you have a bog standard self propelled wheelchair it would be possible to get it in my car by putting the back seats down, depending on your and my capabilities that particular day or help your end. I’m sure we could get someone the other end to help if needed. At the moment I know I could manage without my wheelchair but as you all know things change. Happy Wednesday everyone, I’m going with my Daughter in law for a baby scan today :slight_smile: