Drugs against fatigue that work?

Hello Jo

It’s all about pacing yourself and listening to your body. So yes, if your body says I want 2 hours sleep every afternoon, then that’s what you may have to give it.

The time you’re awake, you need to pace everything out. Practice fatigue management, this generally means doing small things and resting between. There’ve been times when I could sleep all day every day. But once I stopped working, I learned to rest when I need to.


does anyone get sleeping pills on prescription.

lack of sleep is badly affecting my health on top of the ms.

also can anyone recommend which sleeping pill to ask for.

i’m living like a zombie.

Hi Carole

Try Zopiclone. They’re great (imo). I don’t take them everyday - best not to become too reliant. I discovered them when I was in hospital years ago. Because I know that I have always had trouble sleeping in a hospital ward, I asked for sleeping pills and was given them. I’ve had them on my repeat prescription ever since.

I also take Cloneazepam for spasms/tremors and they help massively with sleep too. I’ve actually been sleeping quite well just lately (sorry to boast when everyone else seems to be having trouble) but whenever I do lay there awake, I just take an extra one of everything: Cloneazepam, Amitriptyline, Baclofen and Zopliclone. And within half an hour I’m out like a light!