Drop Foot Aids

I have been waiting for a diagnosis for two years. My first symptoms occurred in March 2012, notably fatigue, which then progressed to gait problems, dropped foot and loss of balance. My GP openly declared that he didn’t recognise my symptoms, but he did offer to refer me a to neurologist. It was noticed I have an upgoing plantar - a big toe that turns upwards when the foot is stroked with a pen (normal toes turn downward by default) - and on receiving a lumbar puncture, there were signs of inflammation on the spinal cord. I wasn’t made to feel that any diagnosis - apart from Clinically Isolated Syndrome which was diagnosed in December 2012 - was imminent, and none of the doctors exactly said if my lumbar puncture was positive or not, leaving me in limbo. However, the neurologist did say that if anything major happens - like I can’t walk or get vision problems - I may go to my GP and insist on ‘fast-tracked’ back to hospital. I started taking vitamin D3, and my symptoms slowly dispersed. Almost completely. After over a year of carrying with my life, and getting married, suddenly I am struggling to walk with dropped foot, general weakness on my right side, and imbalance. So, I thought, enough is enough! My husband & I, visited my GP and used my trump card, mentioning the ‘fast-track’ option, and luckily I am going tomorrow to see a neurologist. We don’t know if this simply means further tests, and more waiting, or whether we are going to come home with some degree of a proper diagnosis.

Dropped foot is very awkward - I’ve been looking at the foot lift assists, that strap around the calf, and sit below your foot, on the internet, and they look quite helpful. Can anyone tell me if they are any good?

Thank You :slight_smile:

Hi, do you think your dropped foot is due to tightness or spasticity in your calf muscles. Or is it just a weak feeling as if you cant lift your foot. If it is the first then a drug called baclofen may help. The second type are helped with the “foot up” or an AFO. Did you not get an MRI in 2012 ? The LP sounds negative for OC bands which are common in MS. OC bands in the CSF indicate that the immune system is active in the CSF (ie MS). If it was just protein was raised in the CSF then than just indicates inflammation.

I hope this helps

Moyna xxx

Hi Moyna

Yes, there was some evidence of OC bands, though somewhat faded (?), and I had loads of blood tests and a MRI. The MRI of my spine showed slight inflammation (small white blobs - could this be lesions?), and thankfully my brain MRI was clear. I say ‘thankfully’ as I had had a stroke in 2002 (carotid dissection), and I’ve had enough restructuring of my brain in my opinion! lol. I have a general weakness in my right side, and I’m struggling to grip things with my right hand. A bit confusing, as I had the same when I’d had my stroke,but I am sure this is somebody completely different. I have had (at last count) about 10 different MS possible symptoms. All I know is something is going wrong with my body, and it needs sorting.

I was looking at AFO’s, they look just the ticket. Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

Hi I advise you to see a physio before you buy an AFO.

Ive been disabled 16 years and have bought many aids myself, only to find the majority of them werent right for me.

Just to add another possible to your list, i was diagnosed with HSP…hereditary spastic paraplegia…after spending many years in the PPM camp.

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