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I am in the process of fact finding and visiting various professionals with differing opinions and suggestions. I trust my chiropractor and have seen two neurologists. The next appointment in November.
This forum and associated web pages have been very helpful.
I’m interested to know if anyone out there is driving after they get a definitive diagnosis.

I think there are lots of us still driving. I certainly am, four years after diagnosis.

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I’m still driving over 20 years after diagnosis. Couldn’t manage without my car! Still working full time and living life too….a diagnosis really doesn’t mean the end of existence :roll_eyes:

So long as you disclose it to the DVLA and your Insurance company you can keep driving so long as it is medically safe to do so.

When I was diagnosed, that was all my MS Nurse seemed to be bothered about, that I informed the DVLA. But it was no problem, they wrote to my Neurologist and I was given a 3 year licence, after which time they will review my fitness to drive again and I will hopefully get my licence renewed for another 3 years.

There is no direct reason why a person diagnosed with MS shouldn’t drive. Damage caused by optic neuritis could possibly affect driving, but doesn’t always or often. Severe foot drop or strength/sensitivity problems with legs or feet could mean having adaptations to ones car. Equally, problems with one arm could mean adaptations are necessary.

I drove for 15 years after diagnosis. I only stopped when my disability became more severe, it wasn’t that I couldn’t drive, just that I couldn’t get my wheelchair into the car. This needn’t have stopped me driving (many people figure out ways to get their ‘chair into the car or drive a WAV), indeed I still had a license, but it coincided with my husband’s retirement. Once he was at home there was less need for me to drive. I kept my license until earlier this year. When it came time to renew, for the first time I just didn’t bother.


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Thank you