Double vision

Hi all, Does anyone suffer with eye trouble( not op neuritus) the symptoms are hard to explain, but it feels like words jump up and down, when i asked the optition about it he said it is double vision, sometimes it feels as though my brain is not in sync with my eyes, symptoms hard to explain, have done my best does antone else have any symptoms like this?


Hi Sue, yep I have double-vision all the time but I do not have ON. It is caused by the MS.

If you are worried it’s ON there’s a simple test. Look at something bright red. Cover one eye and look… then cover the other and look.

If the bright red looks darker red or brown through either eye it could be ON.

If it is ON you would notice the change in the colour immediatly… so don’t get caught into doing the test repeatedly as I did when I first had double-vision…

A GP or optician should be able to tell if it’s ON just by shining a torch and looking into the eye.

Otherwise, sorry to say, it’s just another symptom and hope it clears up quickly.

Pat x

I have the same. I found that prism lenses helped as a temporary measure, but obviously it gets expensive as they can get worse then better again! Mine feel as though my eyes are on catch up when I look around and I likened it to being drunk and having to concentrate to focus more! I’ve had it twice now and both times it cleared up within a few weeks. X


I got referred to an ophthalmologist a few years ago when I was getting double vision. She gave me some eye exercises to build up the strength of my eye muscles and they sorted it out for me.

The two main ones I did would be easy for you to try. The first one involved a strip of card about 9 inches long with a line down the middle and a dot on it every inch & a half or so. I had to hold the card horizontally under my nose so that it pointed away fromme, parallel to the ground. I would have to look at the dot furthest away and try and make it so that I saw just one dot. When I’d done that I’d look away for a few seconds and then do the same thing with the next nearest dot, I’d have to repeat this for each dot until I couldn’t do it any more.

The other exercise was very similar. I’d hold my my arm straight out in front of me and point my finger up. I’d look at my finger and try to make it so I only saw one finger. Then I’d look away for a few seconds, bring my finger a bit closer to me and then repeat. I’d keep doing this, bringing my finger a bit closer each time.

I’d do these a few times a day. I was warned that I might find the double vision would get worse at first, but that was perfectly normal. It’s just like starting going to the gym for the first time - because the muscles have never been exercised like this before, they’ll naturally be very tired at first. But they’ll start to build up their strength, and then you should start to see an improvement. I only needed to do them for a week or so and I found that I didn’t get the double vision any more.


Ahhh. Sue. Yes, double vision has been a big symptom of mine for years but no more. Hurray!!!

I would get a referral to an Orthoptist clinc and see a ophthalmologist. They really, really are the experts in this field and can offer so many solutions from eye excercise to prisms, from Botox to surgery. They are the best people ever!



Double vision, its got progressively worse with time. Basically if I use my eyes to folow a finger going from side to side then one eye will follow and the other looks straight ahead. So my peripheral vision is not very good, acrtually its awful, not allowed to drive :frowning:

Also the colour of the grass or anything else that is green will be a different shade depending which eye I use. My right eye is the dominant one. This used to be a good dinner party conversation, which green is the right green?

Double vision also gets worse if I’m tired. Never been given exerecises. I do have prisms in my glasses but now reached the stage where my sight is too far gone for prisms to help. In fact I now have reading glasses and long distance glasses, that really is a pain.

At least I can see so I am grateful for that.