Double Vision Problems

I have had double vision about 2 years but lately it has got much worse. My optition gave me glasses with a prism that initially helped a lot but seems less effective now. My question is what to do next. Should I get new glasses (I’ve moved so it would be a new optition) or should I ask my GP for a referral to an eye specialist? I don’t see the neuro for a number of months and don’t really want to wait that long as these vision problems are really beginning to impact on my confidence to get out and about. Jane

Hi Jane, I too have have this problem,Doc sent me to the eye department at local hospital.The best they could do was an eye patch.That worked okay[looked a bit stupid on me ].Since then my problems come and go,doudle vision for a couple of weeks then okay for a week or two then it starts again. Not sure if that helps you but it is worth a try,good luck. Take Care, Chris

Hi Jane I’d ask to be referred to a specialist. I saw one after I had some double vision and she gave me some simple exercises to do to build up the strength of my eye muscles… I only needed to do them for a week or two and they sorted it out. The main exercise I did involved using a card about 9 inches long with a line running down the length of it and a dot every inch & a half on the line. I had to hold the card under my nose and pointing away from me horizontally. I would have to look at the dot furthest away and try it make it so I saw just one dot. When I’d done that I’d look away for a few seconds and then repeat for the next nearest dot, and so on. Another similar exercise was to hold my index finger out in front of my at arms length. I’d need to look at my fingertip so I saw just one, then look away for a few seconds. The I’d bring my finger a few inches nearer to me and repeat, bringing my finger a few inches nearer each time. I would do these a few times every day.I was told that I might find the double vision get worse at first but that was nothing to worry about. It’s because the eye muscles are getting used much more than they’re used to so get tired from it. But it’s like starting working out at the gym. You’re naturally going to get tired, but then the more you do it you’ll find the muscles get stronger and hopefully the double vision will get less. Hope that helps. Dan

Thanks Chris I use an eye patch to dry my hair but I’m bu***ed if I’m leaving the house with it on. I look strange enough wibble wobbling around without doing a long John Silver impersonation. :slight_smile: Thanks Dan I might have known exercise would enter the fray. However exercising my eye muscles doesn’t sound too bad. I’m all for anything that can be done sitting down! I’m so bothered by this that I will give it a try - thanks for posting Jane