dont understand my mri, can any help help?

Hi All, I have posted my symptoms on another post, this for the MRI,s, as I dont really understand it and how they are so different, each mri was done 4 months apart. MRI REVEALED : Spine - no signifanct cord compression but narrowing of the right neuroexit foraminia at level c6&c7, no lesions were mentioned
Brain mri said: high signal intensity foci in various regions of brain, in the white matter front and right lobes adjacent to the anterior horn of the right ventrical and foci of patchy high signal intensity of the right cerebral hemisphere. flair aquisition demonstrates foci apparent signal intensity located in the region of the grey and white matter overlying the right parietal occipital region…(with out contrast)

I do not really understand these findings

Second mri with contrast revealed less and only in the frontal lobes and revealed highsensitivity - no spine scan was performed and a lot of diseases have been ruled out, although im not sure which ones!! im a totally confussed and cannot see how the mri was normal considering the second one has changed mm??