Don't no wat 2 do next?

I was diagnosed with transverse myelitis 16 months ago. I’ve been left to get on with it & see if another attack happens. For a year now I’ve had loads of pain in my lower back, hips, right leg, foot & ankle. I’ve requested to see the neurologist twice now because he has discharged me. The last time I saw him was a couple of weeks ago. I told him about my leg pain & he swears blind it’s a bad case of sciatica. He won’t scan me again to see if any changes etc. Codeine doesn’t help with the pain, neither does cocodemol. Nothing you can buy helps at all. I would love it to only be sciatica, I’ve had it before but never to this extreme & never for such a long period of time. The neuro only suggested maybe I need to sort my posture out. He said no tablets will touch it. I don’t know what to do to even try & help it but with it constantly killing me I’m tired of it, it makes me upset & short tempered it’s just constant. If I push on my skin around my right hip it even feels bruised. What do you think it may be? And what could you suggest? The bottom of my back hurts as well. My left leg is fine. The majority of the pain is the bottom of my back, my bums cheeks, hip, back of right thigh, ankle & foot of right leg. It’s a constant ache, throbbing, sore to touch the hip bone, buzzing, twitching etc. Could this really be a bad case of sciatica?

What about going to see your gp?

Hi vic, I’ve been to see him a few times, he thinks it’s my back, and says you need to exercise more! I work fulltime, go up 4 flights of stairs about 5 times a day & always up and about round the office. He won’t prescribe me anything or do anything for it.

Why wouldn’t a neuropathic painkiller help sciatica? (Honest question - I don’t know the answer.)

If I were you, I would ask my GP for help. Surely something like amitriptyline would be OK for them to prescribe for you to try? If it isn’t supposed to help sciatic pain and it does, then it tells you that it is probably not sciatica. If it doesn’t help, then it can give you more faith in it being sciatica.

If they are convinced it’s sciatica, what are they doing about helping you? You should at least be having physio I would guess? And they could certainly prescribe you stronger painkillers, even if they won’t go for the amitriptyline idea.

Karen x

Exactly the doctor isn’t doing anything to help with the so called sciatica.

I do take 50mg amitriptyline to help me sleep at night, it does and thankfully the pain doesnt disrupt my sleep.

One thing i have noticed is that when i stand up i can feel something at the bottom of my back (quite low down but above my bum) i feel something move, i don’t think its muscle and i don’t think its bone exactly (because it doesn’t make a loud click) but something either rubs over something or moves on top of something, maybe it’s a disc? Almost maybe like a grissle or something, i think some elasticy!!! I’m sounding crazy now!

Gonna have to see the doctor because my body feels 30 years older than what it is.