Does avonex shrink lesions?

Hi all just wondering if anyone can help…had recently had MRI of my brain which showed a couple of my lesions had regressed BUT I also have a new lesion! Have been diagnosed previously with a CIS so a new lesion looks like a definite diagnoses but will have to wait until I speak to neurologist…just wondered does anybody know do interferons shrink lesions or do they shrink in the early stage of the disease anyway!!!..bit confused as nobody answering my questions as gp gave me my results and to be honest they don’t know a lot about ms…thanks Emma x

Hi Emma,

Lesions are a kind of scar, so yes, they do fade with time anyway.

I don’t think Avonex, or any of the DMDs actually shrink existing lesions, but they are supposed to inhibit so many new ones from forming.



The national MSs say avonex reduces the number and size of lesions:

In controlled clinical trials in relapsing MS, those taking the medication had a reduced risk of disability progression, experienced fewer exacerbations, and showed a reduction in number and size of active lesions


I don’t believe that Avonex shrinks lesions, no. People who use DMDs have been found to have fewer new lesions in comparison to people not on DMDs. They have also been found to have reduced loss of brain matter in comparison to people not on DMDs. (The “in comparison” bit is key.) It is normal for lesions to get smaller / paler on MRI as inflammation reduces and then as the body repairs what it can. (It’s similar to the swelling around a wound reducing and then the scar fading with time, as Tina said.) Karen x