Does anyone have MS & another autoimmune /connective tissue disease?

Hi Everyone

I have recently been diagnosed with Raynauds (i think I have had this for some 25 years) and wondered if this is connected with MS?  The consultant said that Raynauds can be a first sympton of a connective tissue disorder or autoimmune disease.  I have been tested for connective tissue disease and and the moment this is negative.  Does anyone else suffer or have any knowledge on this.  It has left me totally confused.  I had just got to terms with being diagnosed with MS.

Thanks for any help


      l have had Raynaurds for many years. l also had shingles - 3 times- psoriasis and now osteo-arthritis/ lBS all in the autoimmune list. l do now take a high dose vitd3 - which a deficiency is linked to all of these. But l have had spms for 30yrs. So it is a bit late - l know - but l do still hope l will not progress and maybe maybe get some improvements.

l take ldn as well and this has been beneficial.


helloYes, I to have Ankylosing Spondylitis, Lupus, APS as well as MS I also have osteoporosis.

Autoimmune deseases. So it is possible to have more than one!

Don't worry about it, it's not so scarey when it happens and there is no for sure that it will.

Try to stop fretting about it.

Hope this helps.


Janet x x 

I too have been diagnosed with Raynauds when gp shook my  hand and then went on to ask about feet and under what circumstances was I cold - all the bloomin time I told her.  She commented on my hands and feet being bluish and suggested I could have had it from birth.  Ironic that some of us have the same diagnosis.


Ive also got IBS & now Osteoporosis like Janet. 


Arent we blessed with more than one diagnosis.  Thought one was enough to cope with. 




Yep, I've got Raynauld's as well as Hypermobility Syndrome (a connective tissue disorder).


Apparently Raynauld's is really common in MS.


Karen x


Yep-I am part of the Raynauds gang too!

Ellie x

Thanks everyone for the replies, I did not realise it was so common.  I think I am going to  try the LDN as at present, I am not eligible for DMD's



Hi, sorry to ask but is Raynauds when your fingers go completely white and appear to have no blood in them? If it is then I have it (and spms as well). Do I need to see my gp (again!) and is there any treatment?

Thanks, lilbill x

Hi there, yes, i have MS, and ulcerative colitis, which is also an auto-immune disease, so you are not alone. It makes you wonder if these auto-immune disorders are linked, doesn't it? love Bex xx

Some folk are just plain greedy! Flippin eck chuck, thats an unfair amount of problems.

Poor you!

luv Pollx

Yes I agree! How are you doing with it all?




Hi yes, that’s it. I think it can effect your toes too. I have had it since a teenager. They have said I can take some medication if it is really bad but one of the side effects of the medication is that it lowers blood pressure and mine is low already, so I passed on that option. Other than that they told me to wear gloves and thick woolly socks!



My son kindly bought me heated gloves and innersoles for Christmas, helps a bit.  Strange thing, palm of hand warm now with them but fingers still numb and freezing cold, same with toes.  Me thinks we need an all over waterbottle to wear all of the time.




Yes I'm in this club as well. I take a drug called ADIPINE (Nifedipine) as Helen says it works by lowering the blood pressure.


Hi....I have Ulcerative Colitis...they think I may have Raynaulds....and I'm not sure yet if I have MS....still waiting to see a neuro....(in 2 weeks)..I too was wondering if autoimmune diseases were I think they are...!



I've had Raynaulds since I was a child .... 40 years on I got diagnosed with MS.