Do they have MS in South Korea

Hi there. I have MS and my 28 year old son is planning on settling down in South Korea with his girl friend. He has tried to explain, MS to his future wife and her family, but they can’t find any trace, examples, names, or even the existance of MS over there. Do they have MS in South Korea? Sorry folks, random question, but just thought i’d ask.

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I’m not sure there’s any population that’s completely, 100% free of MS, but there are certainly populations where it’s extremely rare.

I think East Asia in general has very low prevalence, so I’m afraid there’s not likely to be huge awareness or expertise. Is your son worried in case he himself might develop MS, or just frustrated that he’s finding it difficult to explain your illness to people who have probably never come across it before?



Hi, just did a quick google of the question. Have a look yourself…it is there, but not in high numbers.


Theres no doh` about it…googling can be bad for you sometimes!

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As T said I think the only race of people who were completely free of MS were the Hellarwe Tribe in Africa.

They were a ace of pigmy’s that grew to 3 feet. In the spring the grass around their camp would grow to 4 ft so you would only see heads popping above the grass saying were the Hellarwe.