Do lesions enhance when they are resolving?

I have a question. Does anyone know do lesions ehance when they are resolving? A lesion of mine from a year ago is noted on MRI to have subtle enhancement with injection. This MRI was done last month. It’s in the spine, the radiologist doesn’t say it’s a new lesion. If anyone knows thanking you.

Wayne, sweetheart, I wrote a long reply which was promptly eaten by the system. Doh!

In summary though, what I was trying to say was that not all front-line doctors are good or even have good people-skills and not many front-line doctors (and that includes GPs as well as A+E Doctors) have any real-life experience of MS or symptoms that could be MS. Of the millions of people who use the NHS every year, the number of MSers in the country is very small.

So, just because the doctor had nice blue scubs on and a stethescope doesn’t necessarily mean that he knew jack.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but my understanding has always been that lesions “enhance” when they are active.

I’d be surprised if a lesion from a year ago “enhanced” if it wasn’t currently active.