Do I have MS?

Hi Everyone,

I have been having odd symptoms for a while now. Proper random and it seems to come in waves. For the last year I have had the merena coil, so every new symptom/feeling I have blamed on that. Tonight I decided to check out the internet and do a little research and came across MS. I have heard about MS before, so I wasn’t totally ignorant to it but I am quite surprised how similar my symptoms are.

I have several symptoms, fatigue, loss of mojo, dizziness and vertigo, the odd hand tremor, pins and needles in my arms, right one in particular, my eyesight over the last few weeks has really changed, even with my glasses on, I have been struggling, especially on my phone, computer and kindle. I do have eye tests regularly. I have lots of aches and pains, neck ache and random pains. Today my hamstring is so painful, a few weeks ago it was my Calf, just comes and goes. I do exercise but I have even struggled to be bothered with that lately. I haven’t been to the doctors about any of this yet, its never easy to get an appointment so I wanted to be sure before I go. I wanted to ask how you all found out, what confirmed it for you and waht early symptoms you had and what they were like?

Thanks peeps xx

Do the obvious thing. Go to the Doctors and get the ball rolling.


You have to remember that MS shares many symptoms with other diagnoses. So while what you’ve read may make you think your experiences could be MS, the chances are it’s not.

Meanwhile, I agree with Scudger, see your GP, explain your symptoms and ask what they think. If your doctor thinks it’s a neurological problem, they’ll refer you to a neurologist.


Dr Google rises his ugly head


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And it can be very ugly. Dr Google can be extremely helpful. But can also tell almost anyone with some random neurological, or muscular, or virtually any other symptoms you could mention, that they have MS. Once a person gets that thought firmly entrenched in their mind, it’s really difficult to get rid of.

If you want to know about strange symptoms you have, see a doctor. If you want to know specifically about MS, look on this site or the MS Trust, or the NHS sites. But don’t let any website convince you that you have MS until and unless a neurologist has examined you, done some neurological tests (eg MRI for one), and can categorically tell you it’s MS.


I think that this is the best advice, if you are concerned visit your GP to talk about your concerns. It may or may not be a long road to finding out / resolving the issue, but as they say every journey starts with a first step.

I wish you well.