Do I have MS

Hi Pleaas help . I’ve started to have the following symptoms for about 2 weeks now and I’m worried it could be MS. has anyone who has been diagnosed had these symptoms. Extreme tiredness even after sleep Double vision Numb feeling in left side of body feeling hungry The numbness/weakness is really worrying me Appreciate anyone’s advice Thanks Suzanne

Hey Suzanne, How are yer ? Yes to all the above, but I’m not a doctor, perhaps you should go have a chat… I went a few times before they dx. Good luck. Hope it isn’t. Take care. Andy

Hi Suzanne,

Theres so many different symptoms of MS and many, many other illnesses that mimic MS that doctors will rule out first. Best advice is to get along to the GP and they should refer you to the appropriate specialist. It has taken me nearly 3 years since my initial specialist appointment to the point of diagnosis for MS. Its a long journey. Hopefully as Andy says, its not and the sensations go away.

Best wishes


Hii,m very depressed these days.It started with tingling b burning sensation in my legs.Then I started having sensory problem in my whole body.Gradually I lost my sense in my entire body (decreased sense hands fingers legs. Face…) I went to do doc he ran some test n MRI which were normal. Suddenly my right foot went numb then foot ,it increased to knees.gradualy my right leg too.Then my right hand for arms got numbed n suffred from blader prob.after a month my doc again told for MRI but it was again lesions at all.he told me no to worry n assured me there is no symptom MS.but my symptoms r getting worser,.like NY right keg is getting numb more day by day n blader prrob is getting I woke with sore throat.Wat it could be?r these MS symptom? Do I have MS? Yes,m zero negative rheumatoid arthritis patient too.such symptom happen in RA disease? M very worried.m only 33.feeling depressed,…