Hi all, I have relapse and remitting ms and i went to see my neurologist on friday last week, they have said i might have to go onto dmd’s, do these atcually work or any experiances people have had being on these please…

It all depends by what you mean by “Do they work?”.

Most of them will cut down the strength and frequency of relapses.
The average sort-of figure is a reduction of 30% in number - it is a bit harder to quantify a reduction in strength.
I believe that Copaxone has cut my relapses by more than 30%.
Others will have a lesser experience.
Some people have side effects in various strengths.
Read the msdecisions website, and reach your own conclusion.


Hi I have only been on Rebif since February, so too early to tell but what I would say, is that, in my experience, the very act of doing something that will hopefully help, is a positive thing. I feel a renewed positivity everytime I inject. And, regardless of empirical statistics, that increased positivity can only have a good effect on my health. Xx

Thankyou for your replies, I am now currantly looking on the ms decisions web site now… i believe it will be copaxone as i have problems with depression as well, but to be honest if any will help i would gladly entertain anything…