DMD's and diarrhoea

Whilst I appreciate that it’s a tricky subject to discuss, can anyone share their positive or negative experiences please ? I have read that some of the DMD’s can result in diarrhoea with urgency and am keen to avoid this for obvious reasons !! Apart from the fact that at some point in the future, I am hopeful of returning to work and don’t want to have this possible problem being disruptive and difficult to deal with. Thanks Xx

Never an issue with me.


I’ve got (MS-induced) IBS so I wouldn’t be able to differentiate any effect of Rebif from that. Thinking back though, I can’t remember any change when I started on Rebif so I don’t think it’s affected me at all. Karen x

Hi, When I was on Copaxone I can’t say I noticed any significant diarrhoea, I had some episodes from time to time but I’m a bit like that anyway so couldn’t really put it down to Copaxone. I’m due to change to an interferon soon so will keep you posted as to any thing like that which might happen. Take care, Anne- Marie.

i’ve been on copaxone for 4 years and diarrhoea has never been a problem.

i do have trouble with regular bowel movements though and once got so constipated i had a horrible “overflow” experience in my car with my son in the passenger seat! we both survived but it was a smelly messy occasion.

my bladder is my worse problem!

if you are really worried ring the manufacturer of whichever dmd you are on. they keep all such data on file.

carole x