Disneyworld Florida

A really quick shout out for recommendations for a wheelchair friendly, disabled accessible Disney Resort/Hotel in Orlando Florida.

Any comments appreciated, you will not be held in anyway accountable for your comments! lol. I am being asked by the Mrs to look at booking the once in a lifetime Disney holiday for the family but she will leave it all to me so that I can’t moan something is wrong once there if she did it.

One liners, paragraphs, anything,



Hi Charlie,

I’m afraid I don’t have any recommendations for Disney resorts/hotels. But when we went as a family in 2001, we stayed in a very nice sized bungalow just outside of the parks which was great and fully accessible. We hired a car and Dad drove us around.

Good luck! It was the best thing we decided to do as a family 2 years after Mum was diagnosed with SPMS. She has not been abroad since 2013 which was her last ever time of being able to do so.


info available if you search accessible disney. might be better (cheaper) looking for a villa, if for the whole family. Found local transport accessible,good even,if you get yourself a Lynx timetable.Town car (taxi) might be more affordable, depending how many there are in your party.


been a few times. The Yanks certainly excel at hospitality. Always rented a house. Much more flexibility that way. The last two times we went, I was struggling with mobility. The parks are great but very, very big. I would recommend renting a mobility scooter for the parks. At all the attractions, when they saw me coming with the scooter, I was always shepherded to by pass the queues and got straight on to the rides etc.

Outside of the parks, things were very, very easy. Disabled parking at shops and restaurants were very good and access to and inside shops, restaurants was very, very good.

Also book airport assistance for your flights. I have used airport assistance for about 10 years now, and touch wood, my experience of this so far has been excellent.

Keep coming back with questions as and when you have them.


Thanks Derek,