Discrimination at work

I had an Occasional Health report done at work in my early diagnosis of MS.
After this I had a day at work where my manager made me feel bad for not completing my work so I ended up staying at work for an hour after my finish time. I work for Royal Mail so my job is very physical. They were also told to support me with my roll in 23000 steps at work but said they don’t measure my work in steps. Is this discrimination? Thanks.

No it’s not discrimination! You are no longer able to cope with the role in which you are employed.

You have asked another question about OH and alternative work, so they are not discriminating are they? Trying to get their heads round your actual level of capability. You are fortunate that you work for a large employer who will have been down this road before and will have established procedures.

I don’t think you know…? This isn’t useful sorry.

Personally, I would claim overtime for an extra hour of work, but I don’t know how overtime works at Royal Mail tbf.
I remember working as a temp b4, some days you needed to stretch out your work, just to earn a full day’s pay; sometimes you need to think ‘outside the box’ in order to get by imho.